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Muscle Gel 1000mg

Infused, Topical

Date Issued:

Serving Size:

1 grams

Total THC Processing
Total CBD Processing
Sum Cannabinoids Processing
Total Cannabinoids Processing

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Sample ID:230123H013

Batch Number:001

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Cannabinoid Analysis - Summary

Total THC: Processing

Total CBD: Processing

Sum of Cannabinoids: Processing

Total Cannabinoids: Processing

Total THC/CBD is calculated using the following formulas to take into account the loss of a carboxyl group during the decarboxylation step:
Total THC = Δ9-THC + (THCa (0.877))
Total CBD = CBD + (CBDa (0.877))

Sum of Cannabinoids = Δ9-THC + THCa + CBD + CBDa + CBG + THCV + CBC + Δ8-THC

Total Cannabinoids = (Δ9-THC+0.877*THCa) + (CBD+0.877*CBDa) + CBG + THCV + CBC + Δ8-THC

Sum of Cannabinoids: The concentration of each individual cannabinoid added together as they are, without accounting for decarboxylation. This measurement is of particular importance for certain cannabis products that are not intended to be heated prior to application or consumption.

Total Cannabinoids: The concentration of each acidic cannabinoid, multiplied by 0.877 to account for the loss of molecular mass that happens as it is converted to a neutral cannabinoid when heated. Then this calculated concentration is added to the concentrations of the corresponding neutral cannabinoid already present. This corrected data is of particular importance to both producers and consumers of products intended to be heated prior to application or consumption.

Safety Analysis - Summary

Pesticides: Processing

Residual Solvents: Processing

Heavy Metals: Processing

Microbiology (PCR): Processing

Microbiology (Plating): Processing

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